The FastLane Business Management Solution is a complete inventory management and point of sale solution specifically designed for Canadian businesses. FastLane enables you to manage your business more efficiently, increasing productivity and profitability. At Carleton Technologies our goal is to provide you with a solution that increases cost effectiveness while improving customer service.

With features to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, FastLane's graphical design is user-friendly. All relevant data is visible in each program, and because FastLane has drag and drop functionality, there is no redundant data entry. With customizable reports, an intuitive ordering system, multiple pricing for the same item, multiple class inventory, and detailed inventory analysis, FastLane has the tools you need to manage your business.

Purchasing Program
Easy-to-use graphical interface
Integrated Canadian Debit and Credit
Canadian tax codes
Multi Currency
Multi Stores/Warehouse
Available as a hosted Internet application
FastLane tracks products and accounts and, because all programs are integrated, immediate updates are provided throughout the entire system. Additional programs, such as FastLane Online, allow you to expand the system as your needs grow.

FastLane's integrated point of sale solution, FastLane POS, is a touchscreen POS created for the demands of the Canadian retail environment and is exclusively designed by Carleton Technologies.

FastLane is more than just a management system, it is a complete solution for Canadian businesses.