The FastLane Kitting program allows you to:
  • Assemble finished goods into a larger whole.
  • Complete light assembly of components or parts into defined units.
  • Place two or more items into a grouped item sold as a single item from inventory.
  • Deliver pre-determined quantities of components and sub-assemblies to factory floor where they care put together in ship packs.
  • Disassemble or reverse kits back into their component parts.

The FastLane Kitting program is designed to assist you in
  • Keeping inventory levels as low as possible.
  • Ensuring that materials and products are available for production and customer delivery.
  • Planning manufacturing activities, delivery schedules, and purchasing activities.
  • Reducing stock.
  • Improving operational efficiency.
  • Increasing pick and pack throughput.
  • Reducing work in process.
  • Controlling employee productivity.
  • Improving product quality.

supports multiple components
Automatic inventory updates
Easily customizable kit templates
Kits are completely reversible
Integrated with other FastLane programs