The Purchasing program provides an overview of all vendors and their purchase orders. A summary of all outstanding purchase orders, either not-yet-sent or not-yet-received, is displayed for each vendor. Purchase orders which have already been received are archived and easily viewable, when desired.

Purchase orders can be created, viewed, and edited from the Purchasing program. If the purchase order is edited after it has been sent, FastLane will alert you to the changes, so that you can send an updated purchase order to the vendor.

Purchase orders can be printed, or sent directly from the Purchasing program by EDI, by fax, or by email as a PDF. When all items have been fully received, the purchase order is automatically closed by FastLane.


Consolidated by vendor
Send POs by EDI, or direct fax or email
PO closes when fully received
Integrated with Requisitioning and Receiving programs
Closed POs are easily viewable